Proofreading Services

"Laura has such a great eye for detail that it amazes me! She catches what three other people have missed and it always blows me away! She is amazing!"
                                                                                   -- Lisa Renee Jones
                            New York Times & USA Today Best-Selling Author 

Proofreading only (spelling, grammar, punctuation):
$0.40/ page (up to 250 words/page) OR $1.60 per 1,000 words

Proofreading and copy editing (above plus content and continuity):
$0.70/page or $2.80 per 1,000 words

For new clients: as a special introductory sample offer, the first 10 pages are free!

Fast turn-over rate - most orders completed within 72 hours (extended time may be needed for projects greater than 300 pages).

No project too short or too long!

Strict confidentiality will be maintained for all projects.

*Currently accepting payment via PayPal only*

Most file formats accepted.

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